Article I: Name of Club and Logo

This organization shall be known as the North Star Jeep Club (or interchangeably as the NSJC).

  • Logo 1.1:
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Article II: The purpose of the NSJC is for Jeep enthusiasts located in St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area to have a fellowship of like-minded enthusiasts to share the sport of Off-Roading with. This organization was reorganized in April of 2014 for the purpose of social and recreational activities designed to foster the enjoyment of off-road vehicles using legal and sustaining methods while protecting and preserving our natural resources and providing positive community relations.

Article III: Membership & Dues

  • It is recommended that all members must own a licensed & registered, road legal, OHV or 4×4, and all members must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Each membership includes the member. Family members may accompany the member to club activities. Voting power and ability to hold an executive position within the club is restricted to the member.
  • All club members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion during all club activities. This includes all social media outlets that are covered under the umbrella of NSJC.
  • Members may belong to other off-road or 4×4 groups so long as they act within the  standards established in the bylaws of the NSJC.
  • Dues are due at the October meeting of each year. Dues will consist of first payment of $100, broken down as $30 initiation fee, $40 club dues, and $30 MN4WDA dues. Renewal will be $75 each consecutive year, with $45 for club dues and $30 for MN4WDA dues. If a member fails to pay yearly dues and is dropped from the roster, they will be required to pay the initiation fee again if they wish to re-join.
  • Any member who fails to pay the agreed upon club dues may have his/her membership status suspended until payment is received. A reminder will be posted on the website one month prior to dues expiring. One month after the due date, if dues have not been received, he/she will no longer be considered a member of NSJC. At the discretion of the club officers a club payment may be postponed due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Members of the club may bring non-members to certain club events such as socials. Let it be known that the member is responsible for the behavior of the non-member guest during the event. Non-member guests attending trail events of the club must sign a Non-Member Waiver form prior to participating in the events.
  • All members must complete a club application and submit it for approval prior to becoming a member. The club reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant without explanation.
  • Any member who leaves the club due to joining any branch of the American Military may remain a member with his/her membership on hold. Upon return from active duty he/she will begin paying dues for the calendar next year.

Article IV: Meetings

  • Official club meetings will be held as determined by the officers of the club. The location and the time will be determined and announced two weeks prior to the meeting.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances meetings and trail rides are subject to change.

Article V: Vehicle Requirements

  • All vehicles regardless of year, make, or model must have proper safety equipment and be in compliance with the Traffic Laws. All vehicles participating in club rides must have proof of current registration and insurance when required by state law. All operators must have and possess a valid driver’s license. All vehicles must be equipped to the standard stated in the trail riding rules.
    • Exception to vehicle being in compliance with Traffic and Highway Laws for Buggies and other customs that are trailered to events and not run on public roads.
  • No firearms, as governed by federal, state, and local laws, are allowed on trail rides unless the member possessing the firearm is a sworn member of law enforcement or he/she is in compliance with state law or is in possession of a weapons carry or concealed weapons permit per local state law.

Article VI: Substances

  • Alcohol, drugs, and other intoxicating substances will not be permitted on trail rides or in conjunction with any event that requires operation of a motor vehicle on the trails. *in accordance to local rules/laws.

Article VII: Officers

  • The officers of NSJC will consist of a President (Ben Mahin), Vice President (Chris Hogie), Treasurer 2 year term (Justin Wroebel), Secretary (Brian Gardner Sr), Board Chair/member(s) at large (Tim Schulze, Jon Feig), Legal Council (Jenny Olson), Jacob Kreisel as Web Chair, and will be determined by a vote of members annually. Purchases must have dual signers treasurer and President/Vice President.
  • Officer Roles shall be as follows:
    • President shall schedule and moderate membership meetings, will have general overseeing of the club’s activities, and appoint any committees or members to tasks or activities the social group will be hosting or planning. Pres & VP should be representative in all association/events we choose to involve.
    • Vice President shall support the President fully reporting to him or her. The Vice President of the club oversees events by the appointed committees and members but also steps into the role of President if the President is unavailable. He or she may also be responsible for planning and organizing approved events for the club. Pres & VP should be representative in all association/events we choose to involve.
    • Secretary is responsible for names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of all the members of the club. Keeping these items up to date for the club is essential to keeping it in smooth working order. Shall attend or appoint another member to attend the monthly membership meetings as well as any specially called meetings and provide a written record of the meeting as well as posting the minutes to the club forum, dues and applications.
    • Treasurer is to keep an organized and itemized list of incoming and outgoing monies associated with the club. Should be prepared to report the status of the clubs funds and report purchases and income at quarterly membership meetings. The Treasurer should be someone everyone in the club agrees can be trusted with money and be good with the allocation of funds. The treasurer shall keep track of all passwords.
    • Board Chair/Member at Large-Reports all activities and oversees the successful communication of the board members
    • Web Chair-Oversees the website.
  • All Officers must represent the club in a positive light, publicly or privately.
  • Officer Nominations shall take place in the month of October. New officers will assume roles in the following calendar year. Nomination of a club member must be approved by said member before posting said nomination.
  • Officer Elections will be held following the final day for payment of membership dues, as outlined in Article 3 Membership and Dues, and an updated membership list is presented.
  • Officer terms are set as 1 year for the positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary. The office of Treasurer is set as 2 year term. Past presidents will become Trustees of the organization and have no voting power but may attend all board meetings as long as they announce their intent to the current president. (need to set terms for other positions).
  • The officers hold their positions strictly as volunteers. The club will not pay any member to carry out functions of the club.
  • Should an officer no longer be able to carry out their role during the year, a membership meeting will be called prior to the following month’s meeting to nominate and vote on the officer’s replacement. The Vice President may be given the option to be promoted to the office of President should the membership approve which then a Vice President would then be nominated and elected.
  • Any member of The NSJC may be nominated for an office under the condition that the member nominated has been a member of The NSJC for at a minimum of one year.

Article VIII: Waiver of Liability

  • Any member or non-member guest of NSJC participates in any event affiliated with the NSJC does so at his/her own risk. He/she does not hold the club, its officers, and/or the administrator liable for any injury, loss, damages, or death that may occur due to such participation.
  • It is understood that club events having to do with operation of one or more vehicles pose potential harm to persons and property, and it is understood that members and non-members participate in all events at their own risk. IMPORTANT NOTICE While trail riding at a club event or otherwise, if you venture on an area not marked, or a closed area, and an officer of the law issues you a ticket, or an arrest or confiscation of your vehicle occurs, liability is bore solely by the owner or person doing the action. NSJC (nor its members) are not responsible for loss, theft or damage to any vehicle. Personal property in vehicles is solely the owner’s responsibility. NSJC will pay no bail monies nor impound fees.

Article IX: Dispersion of Club Funds

  • Any two club Officers may authorize the usage of club funds for items not in excess of $250 for Club related purchases. Purchases in excess of $250 and club expenditures will be voted on at a membership meeting by the members of the club.
  • A minimum of two estimates/proposals shall be gathered for the new projects/work determined to be beyond the capability of club members. All estimates/proposals shall be posted on the club web site one week prior to voting. A majority vote of club members shall award the work. Club members and their immediate families are not eligible for paid work. Club members whom may have a conflict of interest are not eligible to vote.

Article X: Club web site and FB page

  • Our website of NSJC can be accessed openly, with private sections reserved for info to paid members.
  • No one person shall have sole control of the website. There shall be at least two club officers that have administrative passwords to the forum. Club officers can give selected members elevated privileges as needed.
  • The club’s web site is to be used for the purpose of the collaboration and education of club members, marketing club merchandise, and welcoming interested persons to both our sport and our club. Content posted on the site which does not reflect the club values will be removed.
  • Use of the club site shall not be for the purpose to degrade or belittle other club members, members of their families, or other organizations. If a member feels that another member is in violation of the codes and ethics of the club and is unable to resolve their disputes directly, that member is to present their concerns to an officer of the club for review and consideration
  • Club officers shall have the right to immediately remove the access of any member violating the ethics and values of the club on or off of the web site. Disputes to this action will be heard and voted on by club officers in a closed meeting with the option of including the disputing member. All membership fees shall be forfeited if it is determined access is not to be restored.

Article XI: Amendments to the By-Laws.

The By-Laws of the club may be amended pending vote of club officers. Any disputes with a proposed amendment shall be settled by a majority vote. There will be only one vote per officer in good standing. Proposed amendments shall be posted on website five days prior to the yearly meeting.