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We are aiming to raise $250 toward building a Jeep which will be given away at the Crawl 4 the Cure event. Any funds donated above $250 will be donated to the Crawl 4 the Cure as well. Please consider donating, thank you: 

About Us

The North Star Jeep Club (NSJC), a local Twin Cities Jeep club, was establish in 2014 with around 20 founding members. We are a group of dedicated family friendly off-road enthusiasts with dependable street licensed vehicles. The NSJC is a member and proud supporter of the Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association (MN4WDA), and as such, membership in the NSJC also means membership within the MN4WDA. We are not brand specific but currently consist of mostly Jeep branded vehicles within the club. We are located in the Twin Cities and the greater metro area. Most of our members drive their vehicles to wheeling events and the goal is to have a great day of wheeling and still be able to drive them home afterwards.

We like tight trails with hills and rock crawling. We are not big fans of mud, but if it’s between us and an obstacle we’ll go through it. The NSJC is low profile and low impact. We do a lot of weekend trips and we throw in some day trips as well. The club plans a major trip at least once a year, and club members have been to Easter Jeep Safari, South Dakota and various trails in Colorado, among others as well. We also do volunteer work to further the sport such as cutting new trails and trail clean up, and helping the MN4WDA with the spring swap meet. We have a yearly open house event welcoming other clubs and new people to come hang out and talk off road wheeling and Jeeps.

Our members have experience ranging from a few months to many years and come from a variety of backgrounds (mechanics, chemical engineers, lawyers, contractors, sales, fabricators, EMTs, etc.), and all are willing to share whatever experience they have with fellow members new and old. The vehicles we drive are as varied as the members, having everything from pretty much bone stock to very modified trail rigs. Check out our members below to see for yourself. If you enjoy wheeling and have a dependable 4×4 vehicle and want to get out and use it, contact the club, you won’t regret it.

Current Club Administration

President Ben Mahin
Vice President Roger Zanon
Treasurer Jennifer Kelly
Secretary Jonathan Feig
Public Relations Leslie Morrison
Officer Jordan Bowman
Director of Web Services Jacob Kriesel


Current Club Members (in alphabetical order by first name)

Please note: all off-highway pictures within this website are taken on designated OHV trails and/or water crossings.


Angela Hinkley

Arron Willis

Ben Mahin
Brad Chuhel

Brian Gardner
Chad Roy
Cory Lell
David Kell
Jacob Kriesel
Jamy J May
Jeff Jenson
Jenny Kelly

Jessica Gardner
John Klug
Jonathan Feig
Jordan Bowman
Justin Wrobel
KC Crawford

Kieth Ratzlaff
Lance Kugler
Larry NariKawa
Les Morrison

Mike “Frenchy” LeVasseur
Pat Karsten
Paul Foster
Rick Langess
Roger Zanon
Ryan King

Steve Erickson

Steven Moore
Tim Schulze

Above member list based on roster dated 11/17/2016.

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